What do changemakers look like?
They look like her. And her. Her, too. Oh, and they look like you! 

Read up on some of Mount Holyoke’s notable alumnae—37,000 and growing. 

Image of Deborah Harkness
Leading in literature
Deborah Harkness ’86
Title/profession: professor of history and writer
MHC major: renaissance studies

“Mount Holyoke says 'yes' to every student who comes through the gates. Yes, you are appreciated. Yes, we believe in you. Yes, we can help you become all you dream of—and more."

Image of Mary Elizabeth Cantu
Leading in nonprofits
Mary Elizabeth Cantu ’01
Title/profession: spare parts founder/director
MHC major: museum education (self-designed major)

“I carry and use my MHC-ness daily because I’m equipped with the tools to succeed in all facets of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better education.”


Image of Kat Calvin
Leading in technology
Kelley “Kat” Calvin 05
Title/profession: entrepreneur
MHC major/minor:

“At Mount Holyoke, I learned that I love bringing attention to social issues and finding solutions or inspiring others to find solutions. All of my entrepreneurial pursuits have followed that pattern.”


Image of Jennifer Rochlis Zumbado
Leading in science
Jennifer Rochlis Zumbado 94
Title/profession: element manager, space human factors and habitability, NASA
MHC major/minor:

“Although I was in the physical sciences, I can also read, write, communicate, and present technical material. Communication and technical writing have contributed greatly to my success as a scientist, engineer, and manager.”


Image of Katherine Sandoz
Leading in the arts
Katherine Sandoz 91
Title/profession: artist and collaborative designer
MHC majors:
French and international relations

“Single-gender education seems to focus the rays (staff, faculty, facilities, student body) through the magnifying lens, providing models and methods to efficiently observe, analyze, draw conclusions, and declare a point of view.”


Image of Ayesha Mustafa
Leading in business
Ayesha Mustafa 02
Title/profession: founder of Fashion ComPassion
MHC major:

“I realized that I wanted to become a person who creates positive change for others.”



Image of Erica Lutes
Leading in government
Erica Lutes 02
Title/profession: executive director, Fulbright Commission Belgium
MHC major/minor:
international relations/romance languages

“I had never participated in student government and became a senator for Safford my first year and became SGA president because MHC empowered us to engage the administration. I felt like we were contributing to the MHC community.”


Image of Miriam Aschkenasy
Leading in medicine
Miriam Aschkenasy 94
Title/profession: deputy director, global disaster response, Massachusetts General Hospital
MHC major: biochemistry

“A liberal arts education? It allowed me to look beyond medicine. That makes me a better physician, humanizes me, and provides me important perspective in the work I do every day.”




Image of Divya Mathur
Leading in business
Divya Mathur 03
Title/profession: economic consultant, vice president, Analysis Group
MHC majors: economics and mathematics

“Favorite class/professor? An independent study (which culminated with an honors thesis) with Professor Jim Hartley (economics). It was the most challenging yet rewarding academic experience I had at Mount Holyoke and it convinced me to get a PhD in economics.”